The highest quality pasta is manufactured from durum wheat (Triticum durum). It is characterized by long seeds and very hard endosperm. Durum wheat has higher carotenoid colour, mineral components and B-type vitamin content in comparison to common wheat.

Durum wheat used for pasta grow best in dry continental climates, that is regions with high temperatures and low relative humidity. Some of the most valuable species are grown in Northern America due to favourable climatic and soil conditions of this region. Production process of Malma pasta uses a special species of durum wheat, Amber Durum, which originates from Northern America

Apart from all features characteristic for durum wheat, Amber Durum seeds are highly glassy and have a unique amber colouring. Wheat used for manufacturing pasta should have high protein and high quality gluten content (a proper gluten index) and Amber Durum wheat selected for production of Malma pasta has all these features. It is hardness, high glassiness and beautiful amber colour that translates into highest quality of pasta dishes.

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